Member Contract


Membership and Service Contracts trend toward an unequal responsibility in our experience. In the fitness industry this too often takes the shape of mandatory ACH withdrawls, and convoluted or inconvenient cancelation policies paired with termination fees. We don’t do that.


We operate on an explicit verbal consent policy. You as a member and consumer will be asked by a member of our staff what membership option you want and we will bill you for that membership.  Monthly memberships – Ultra Series, Individualized Training, and Open Gym – must be paid via credit card and will bill on your membership date each month. Paid-in-full memberships are one time charges that can be paid via Credit Card or in Cash – they do not auto-bill.


If you decide to quit paying us you have terminated your membership. If we tell you that your membership is terminated, your membership is terminated. It goes both ways.


However, explicit consent requires a set of common expectations. Here are the expectations that underpin our agreement.


In exchange for paying your dues we promise:

  • To be open 95% or more of our published hours each month and provide seven days notice of a change in expected hours when possible. NOTE: Our programs take a minimum of one hour to complete. If no members are in the gym one-hour before our posted closing time we reserve the right to close early.
  • To provide you with the agreed upon programing.
  • To charge you the agreed upon rate for service for the length of your term of service. Changes in prevailing rates for service will only be made at the commencement of a new term of service. You can pay that bill using whichever of our payment options works for you: Cash, Credit Card, or ACH withdrawal.
  • To place your membership on hold for up to 8 weeks due to pregnancy, injury requiring surgery, or other significant life event that causes you to be unable to train during your contract term, provided you give us 14 days notice (absent an emergency situation). Your membership does not extend, we simply don’t charge you during that period and your term of service concludes on the original agreed upon date.


You in turn promise:

  • To pay the agreed rate for service on the due date for the length of your agreed term of service.
  • Follow the posted rules on our “Jym Etiquette” webpage and all posted rules and notices within the gym.
  • Explicitly notify us if you choose to place your membership on hold or cancel your membership at any time during your agreed term of service. Absent explicit notification you are expected to pay any monthly dues billed.


There are no late fees. There are no early termination fees. There are no cancelation fees. If you fail to pay your dues we reserve the right to terminate your membership. When in doubt just have a conversation with us and we can probably work things out.