Meet the Team

Coach - Founder

Shawn Coffey United States Marine. Father. Husband. Teacher. Coach. Crossfit Level 1 coach.     I started my quest for wellness, fitness, and performance in 2010 after my father had the warning stroke known as TIA. I was forty pounds […]

Coach - Founder

Chris is a father, husband, writer, human-at-large and a co-founder of Adult Academy and No Filter Fitness. Chris is a disabled retired firefighter, retiring with the career service rank of Lieutenant from the Harvey Fire Department in 2016 after suffering […]

SME - Engagement Wrangler

Rowan is a doer of things, and stuff. She uses her sales and marketing background to make the No Filter Fitness/Adult Academy team look qualified to do the stuff they enjoy doing. As our designated SME (Social Media Executive) she […]