Jym Etiquette

Communities operate best when expectations are clear and understood. It’s unfair to hold people to expectations that are unstated. With that in mind we have a list of expectations of the etiquette for the No Filter Fitness and Adult Academy Physical Spaces


This is a space for adults

Adults deserve a space where they can have adult conversations without worrying about the appropriateness of the conversation or language because of kids being present. We manage this by making the Adult Academy and No Filter Fitness physical spaces an 18 and older environment.



We share the building with other occupants. During “Normal Business Hours” (8am till 4pm, Monday thru Friday) please park in the two spaces in front of our unit, or on the north side of the building. You can park in front of the overhead doors of our unit, but not those of the other units. Outside of the above hours and on weekends you may use any spot in the parking lot.


Get laid on your own time

When you share in suffering dressed in tight clothes it’s perfectly common for people to develop attractions. No one wants to see you hitting on a fellow teammate, and no one should be made to feel uncomfortable in a place where they came to get better. If you want to hit on someone ask them politely out for coffee or a drink outside of the gym and see if you hit it off. If the person says anything other than, “Yes,” drop it. Your desire and agency doesn’t trump anyone else’s.


This is a shared space

The tools we use – from the barbells to the bathroom – are shared. Please respect your fellow members and the staff by putting equipment back where you got it from, wiping your DNA off the bars, mats, and machines, and keeping the working areas free of personal equipment. If you leave your cell phone sitting on a pile of plates it’s likely to end up shattered. The same expectation applies to the lounge – if you take the last cup of coffee offer to make a pot, rinse your mug and leave it with the dirty dishes. If you make a mess with the chalk ask to use the vacuum and a mop. Don’t EVER drop an unloaded barbell, a kettlebell, or a dumbbell. If you have a particularly good pre-deadlift bathroom break avail yourself to use the toilet brush and cleaner. No one wants to clean up your shit.


No one wants to smell you

Do not be the person whose body odor is detectable three feet away. Brush your teeth. Use deodorant. It’s terrifying that we have to write this down but a lack of personal hygiene is sadly common in the world and staff will send you home if your lack of hygiene is inhibiting others experience.



Ask what to do if you are unsure about a movement.

Ask if you can move someone’s equipment, water, coffee, etc.

Ask if you can work in with someone.

If there is no coffee in the lounge ask before you grab coffee from the coaches area.

If you don’t understand the explanation, say “I don’t understand,” and ask for clarification.

However, don’t be an “Ask-hole,” i.e. don’t go answer shopping. If a staff member gives you an answer you don’t like don’t run to another looking to have it your way.


Shut up and Lift

Don’t talk with a barbell in your hands or on your back.

Don’t distract people who are lifting.

Headphones are a universal sign someone wants to be left alone.

Don’t offer unsolicited advice to another member/athlete, that’s the coaches job. If someone asks you for your eye feel free to offer. If you and a training partner have agreed upon offering feedback great. Don’t look over at the person next to you and start critiquing their form.



Don’t record video or take photos of people without asking.

If you are recording your own lifts let people know the camera is rolling.

If you need to take a phone call that lasts longer than “I’ll call you back,” go to the lounge – no one cares about your grocery list, work argument, or date night plans.


Don’t get punched in the heart

It’s a little known fact that the heart is the reset button on human beings, that’s why CPR works. Don’t do anything that warrants being reset. If you aren’t good at social cues ask a coach what is okay. If you get corrected because you didn’t ask take it on board and do better. If you don’t like direct conversations this may not be the best fit for you.


Be an Asset

Our tribe will thrive if members seek to bring more than they take. That doesn’t mean bringing in coffee for the lounge it means bringing in a readiness and a desire to do the work. It means observing an etiquette rooted in maximizing the experience of the entire team. Your journey and experience matter, but they matter equally with everyone else. Be an asset.