Our individualized training starts with a free movement screening and assessment. Over the course of four, one-hour sessions one of our coaches will guide you through some basic movements, you learn about our “Jym Etiquette” and our fitness philosophy, and we get to know you and your goals.  At the end of the fourth session we will ask that you have three goals written out. The goals you choose can be fitness related, professional, and or personal in nature. We use those goals and the results of your assessment to design and build a fitness program unique to and for YOU! You come in and train when it suits you and enjoy the company of like minded teammates who are pursuing their own goals.



Focusing on five core areas of  balance, coordination, strength, agility, and mobility, we will help you improve your overall fitness, wellness, and performance. Our boot camp classes are programmed with intention and attention to detail. Each class provides a total body workout in a fun and energetic environment. 



Personal training is for the person who needs to train on their own schedule. The programming is no different than our individualized training. The difference is you tell us when you want to train, and you get the individual attention of a coach. Rates for personal training start at $60.00 per hour and are negotiated between you and your coach based on time slots and frequency of training.



Performance coaching couples your fitness training with mindset coaching to improve your performance across physical, mental, and emotional domains. We facilitate growing your confidence and performance through individualized training and one-on-one coaching sessions. Rates begin at $20 per session for members of our Individualized and Personal Training programs, and $75.00 per hour for all others.