Unless you are accidentally ripping doors off their hinges it's unlikely you've ever thought, "I may be too strong." We have to move through life lifting, carrying, dragging, and pushing things. For anyone who has strained their back or tweaked their

In discussing movement we consider Mobility (and its close cousin Flexibility) to be the second foundational skill set after balance. First a discussion of terms. Mobility in our context refers to joint range of motion and the ability to actively display that

Verb: To keep or maintain position so that one does not fall Balance is the foundational skill for all human movement. If we are incapable of maintaining our balance standing, walking, and any survival movements are immediately compromised. In the domain of

The ability to move your body is a fundamental human skill. We prioritize movement into three categories. First, there is movement as a survival skill. Second, there is movement as a functional skill. Third, there is movement as a performance skill. When