At No Filter Fitness we use strength and conditioning training as a mechanism for physical and personal development.

We use fitness as a tool to explore the limits of our bodies and our will to be better.

We strive to make personal excellence a habit.

Be Better

Strong is a Choice. Better is a Choice. What do you Choose?


Our individualized training starts with a free movement screening and assessment. We use your goals and the results of your assessment to design and build a fitness program unique to and for YOU!


Personal training is for the person who needs to train on their own schedule. The programming is no different than our individualized training. The difference is you tell us when you want to train, and you get the individual attention of a coach.


Performance coaching couples your fitness training with mindset coaching to improve your performance across physical, mental, and emotional domains. We facilitate growing your confidence and performance through individualized training and one-on-one coaching sessions.


Open Gym is for people who have a program they are doing and want access tp a place where chalk and bumper plates abound! We also have daily “Preparation” and “Practice” Training Sessions posted if you just aren’t sure what to do.

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